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HS-CB Type Chain Hoist

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HSZ-CB series Chain Hoist is one kind of use simple, carries the convenience the manual hoisting machinery, is suitable for the factory, the mine,the Construction site, the agricultural production as well as the wharf, the dock, the warehouse and so on serves as the mounting machinery, the hoisting up cargo and the loading and unloading vehicles, especially regarding open-air and non-power source work, has its important function.

HSZ-CB series chain block may manual lift heavy objects the traveling bogie with each kind of manual single track driving necessary use composition,is suitable is built on stilts the transportation in the single track, manual single beam bridge type hoist crane and on cantilever crane.


HSZ-CB series chain block on the strural design and performance, has five features:

1 .Safety and reliable in use, easy to maintenance

2. High mechanical efficiency, easy to lift

3. Light weight, easy to carry

4. Beautiful appearance, small size

5. Durable in use

chain electric hoist





chain electric hoist

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