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How to assemble the vacuum circuit breaker?

Today let's talk about the manufacturing process of ZW-32 circuit breaker.


ZW-32 vacuum circuit breaker is composed of four parts: vacuum interrupter, operating mechanism, insulation and current transformer.


The manufacturing process of ZW-32 circuit breaker:

Step 1: Preparing the core of vacuum circuit breaker-vacuum interrupter.

ZW-32 circuit breaker

Step 2: Install the vacuum interrupter into the insulating pillar.

 insulating pillar

Step3: Preparing the mechanism box of the circuit breaker.

box of the circuit breaker

Step 4: Install the insulation housing with vacuum interrupter onto the mechanism box.

 mechanism box

Step 5: Install the circuit breaker operating mechanism (this is the case inside the circuit breaker).

 circuit breaker operating mechanismcircuit breaker operating mechanism1

Step 6: Install the bottom panel on mechanism box.

 mechanism box1

Step 7: Completing the tests of vacuum circuit breaker, and ready for packing.

 tests of vacuum circuit breaker

The ZW-32 circuit breaker is installed. How about it, it's easy to install !

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