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Notice about Jecsany Return to Work in 2020

First of all, happy new year to all Jecsany Electrical Equipment customers over the world. Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China, all enterprises delay to return to work. Complying with the requirements of the state and the government, Jecsany returned to work on Feb. 25th and prepared our workers with medical masks, disinfectant and electronic thermometers to ensure the safety.

medical masks

Sorry for the delay in returning to work caused by the epidemic. We believe that we can tide over the difficulties with the correct guidance of the country and the high cooperation of the people. I would also like to thank the people of governments and regions for their help and support. 

Here are something you may want to know:

1.About the safety of packages

-Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China?

-Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. (From WHO)

Know the facts of 2019 nCoV

2.About the delivery time

The logistics maybe affected by the coronavirus. Some areas highways are not open now, but it will back to normal soon. The Express way already start working since February 10th. No matter bulk cargo or container, we will deliver the goods as soon as we can. 

3.About the trade process

If you want to make an order, just contact our Sales Team, they are always online. Our factory will deliver goods according to the sequence of payments. Anything we can help, feel free to contact us.

The global #COVID19 risk is very high for following reasons: 

-increase of international spread of cases 

-large clusters of cases currently reported outside 

-limited testing capacity in some countries -potential medical supply shortages

getting your workplace ready for covid19

At the end, here are some important tips for you to get your workplace ready for #COVID19, and 

- Ensuring your work environment is clean & hygienic 

- Promoting regular handwashing by staff, contractors & visitors 

- Encouraging sound respiratory hygiene

China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government’s instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The epidemic will be eventually controlled. 

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