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Outdoor Electric High Voltage On Load Break Isolate Switch

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  • LBIS type
  • Jecsany
  • Polymer
  • 10
  • IEC 60265, IEC 129
  • 630A
  • 36KV


 LBIS Type outdoor on load break switch disconnector contained in this list are destined to switch stub lines and ring main lines or transformers (It can be equipped with MV HRC fuse links as short circuit protection fuction) or for switching under on load conditions. This disconnector complies with IEC/IEEE and DVE-recommendation standards especially comply with DIN VDE 0670 part 3 and IEC 60265, IEC 129.


 All steels are made of either in stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel.

 1. Solid and stable base frame.
 2. main contact with ice protection.
 3. Polymer insulators or alternatively in porcelain.
 4. Minimal sag for the line-connection between two fixed terminals.
 5. Completely maintence antirust Aluminium alloy Arc chamber.
 6. Switching-off procedure without external arc.
 7. Short circuit making capacity under specific conditions possible
 8. Fixing on the supporting structure either by clamping(free setting) or screwing (holes in the   base frame)
 9. Easy on-site installation and setting.

 10. High reliabilty up to 1000 cycles (depending on the running current).

 11. All contacts are either sliver or tin-plated.
 12. Practically maintance-free.

 Environmental   Conditions

 Ambient Temperature: -40℃ - +50℃ 

 Altitude: 2500m

 Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

 Maximum Wind Speed: 35m/s

No. Item Unit Data


Rated voltage kV 12 24 36
2 Rated frequency Hz 50/60
3 Rated current A 200/400/630
4 Rated short circuit withstand current (1S) kA 20
5 Rated peak withstand current (1S) kA 50
6 Rated making current
kA 31.5-50
7 Rated insulation level (HV) lightning impulse kV
75/85 125/145 170/195
Power frquency withstand 45 55/75 75/100

Rated short circuit breaking capacity cos.Φ (0.7)

Without maintenance of contacts

for active circuits 20 breakings A
630 630 400
30 breakings 400 400 300
40 breakings 300 300 250
50 breakings 250 250 170
75 breakings 170 170 160
120 breakings 110 110 110
200 breakings 65 65 65
280 breakings 50 50 50
9 For ring circuits breaking capacity 630 400 250
10 Rated breaking capacity of transformer 50
11 Rated breaking capacity of cable charging 11
12 Rated breaking capacity of earthing fault 56

LBIS15 600 isolate switch

LBIS24 600 isolate switchLBIS36 600 isolate switch

Isolating Switch 

An electrical device for the reliable disconnection of certain sections of a high-voltage electrical network when there is no current in them. The use of isolating switches (either alone or in combination with high-speed short-circuiting devices) makes it possible to simplify the arrangement of switching points and transformer substations and to eliminate expensive high-voltage circuit breakers.

In the case of damage to certain sections of a network, the circuit breakers operate first, and then the isolating switches automatically disconnect the damaged section, after which the circuit breakers close again and restore electric power to the rest of the consumers on the network. Isolating switches are also used to disconnect and reconnect unloaded transformers and sections of power lines during operation. An isolate switch must provide a reliable connection in case of a random occurrence of a short circuit in the network. An important characteristic of an isolating switch is a short operate time, particularly the disconnect time, which must not exceed 0.1 sec.

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