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Performance characteristics of outdoor high-voltage drop-out fuse

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outdoor high-voltage drop-out fuse

1. The overall structure design is reasonable and rigorous

The structure design is reasonable, the materials are exquisite, the assembly process is strict, the cooperation between the components is stable and reliable, and the action is flexible. It not only guarantees the reliability of product operation, but also guarantees staff work easily.


2. High material quality

The use of high-quality materials and advanced processing technology ensure the accuracy of the products, have good interchangeability, and ensure the overall high quality of the products.


3. Strong mechanical performance and fault disconnect ability

During the closing operation, the fusion tube is accurately in place without shaking or rebounding. Reliable tripping has nothing to do with the magnitude of the fault current.


4. Anti-ultraviolet water-resistant pipe

High mechanical strength and long service life.


5. The upper and lower contacts are silver plated

Ensure that the resistance during contact is minimized.


6. The upper and lower deflectors without breaking

Improve the conductivity and reliability of the product.

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