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Wire Rope Lever Block

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Wire Rope Lever Block Introduction:

Il is a kind of newly designed, uncomplicated structured, convenient—to-use lever hoist with the function of adjusting the beneath-hook quickly, safe and reliable, its new style, beautiful body, good braking performance and high working efficiency enable it to be able to be widely used in factory, mineral, building site. Harbor and transportation areas and so on. It is the ideal equipment for Equipment installation. 

Object fixing, tying and towing. World famous qualified pmducl both home and aboard.

The steel wire rope lever block which the material is aluminum alloy also it is light and easy to carry. General specifications of the steel wire rope lever block are 0.8t/1.6t/3.2t. Lateral traction is 5t, standard meters for 20 meters and the largest up to 100 meters, the safely factor is 5 times.

mini electric wire rope hoist

mini electric wire rope hoist

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