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ZW32-12 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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  • ZW32-12

Product Structure:

ZW32-12 model outdoor AC vacuum circuit breaker is used to make and break load current, overload current and short-circuit current in 12/24kV, 50/60Hz power system. It is applicable for sustations, industry and mining, urban and rural electricity power networks, especially for occasions with frequent operation and automatic power distribution network. It accords with the standard of IEC622 71-100 & GB 1984: AC high voltage circuit breaker, IEC6.694 & GB/T 11022: HV General technical requirment of switch and control apparatus.

Model description:

ZW32-12 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Rated short-circuit breaking current(kA)

Rated current(A)

With isolation

Rated volatage(kV)

Design serial No.

Ourdoor vacuum circuit breaker

Ambient condition:

Altitude: ≤2000mm;

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+45℃;

Wind speed: 34m/s;

Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree;

Ambient pollution: IV;

Ice thickness: 10mm;

Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibrations.

Technical Parameters:

No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated current A 630、1250
3 Rated insulating level 1 min. PF withstand voltage dry
42(across open contacts: 48)
wet 34
4 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) kV 75(across open contacts: 85)
5 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20、25
6 Rated short-circuit making current (peak)
7 Rated peak withstand current kA 50、63
8 4s rated short-time withstand current kA 20、25
9 Rated operating sequence
10 Breaking times of rated short-circuit breaking current times 30
Mechanical duration times 10000
Energy storage motor rated voltage V DC/AC220、DC110/48/24
13 Rated operation voltage V DC/AC220、DC110/48/24
Abrasions thickness of contacts mm 3
15 Rated current of over-current release A 5
16 Current transformer ratio

200/5, 400/5, 600/5

(Protection degree:III class, Class: 0.5)

Outline dimension and installation drawing:

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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