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The working mechanism of the high voltage isolating switch



The high-voltage isolation switch ensures the safety of high-voltage electrical appliances and devices during maintenance work, and plays the role of isolating voltage. It cannot be used to cut off, input load current and break short-circuit current. It can only be used for certain switching operations that do not produce strong arcs, namely It means that it does not have an arc extinguishing function;

According to the installation location, it is divided into indoor type and outdoor type. According to the number of insulating pillars, it is divided into single-column type, double-column type and three-column type. There are optional equipment for each voltage level. It can also reliably isolate the part of the high-voltage power distribution device that needs to be powered off from the live part to ensure the safety of maintenance work. The contacts of the high-voltage isolating switch are all exposed to the air and have an obvious disconnection point. The isolating switch has no arc extinguishing device, so it cannot be used to cut off the load current or short-circuit current. Otherwise, under the action of high voltage, the disconnection point will produce strong The arc is difficult to extinguish by itself, and may even cause arcing (short circuit between phases or phases), burn equipment, and endanger personal safety. This is a serious accident called "disconnector with load".

High-voltage isolating switches can also be used to switch certain circuits to change the way the system operates. For example: in a double busbar circuit, a high voltage isolating switch can be used to switch the circuit in operation from one busbar to the other.