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Introduction to High Voltage Disconnect Switch



The role of high voltage isolation switch

1. The high-voltage isolating switch can ensure the safety of high-voltage electrical appliances and devices during maintenance work. It can play the role of isolating voltage, and cannot be used to cut off, input load current and break short-circuit current. It can only be used for certain switching operations that do not produce strong arcs, that is, there is no arc extinguishing function.

2. According to the installation location of the high-voltage isolating switch, it can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type. According to the number of insulating pillars, it can be divided into single-column type, double-column type and three-column type. There are optional equipment for each voltage level.

3. The contacts of the high-voltage isolating switch are all exposed to the air, and there is an obvious disconnection point. The isolating switch has no arc extinguishing device, so it cannot be used to cut off the load current or short-circuit current. Otherwise, under the action of high voltage, the disconnection point will produce a strong arc. , and it is difficult to extinguish by itself, and may even cause arcing.

The high-voltage isolating switch can also be used to switch certain circuits to change the operation of the system. For example, in a double-bus circuit, the high-voltage isolating switch can be used to switch the running circuit from one bus to another.

Sequence of operation of high voltage isolating switch

1. When operating the high-voltage isolating switch, the high-voltage isolating switch manufacturer should first check the circuit breaker of the corresponding circuit to see the true disconnection position, which can prevent the isolating switch from being pulled and closed with load.

2. When the line is stopped or powered on, the disconnect should be pulled and closed in order. When the power is cut off, the circuit breaker should be pulled first, then the line-side disconnect should be pulled, and then the bus-side disconnect should be pulled. , this is because in the event of mis operation, the above sequence can reduce the scope of the accident and avoid artificially expanding the accident to the bus.

3. In the process of operation, when there are serious defects such as serious damage to the transmission rod of the isolating switch, the operation cannot be carried out, and there must be personnel on duty to check the opening, closing position, synchronization status, contact depth, etc. on-site phase by phase. project, to ensure the correct action of the isolating switch and the correct orientation.

4. The isolation switch is generally operated in the main control room. When the remote control electrical operation fails, manual or electric operation can be performed on the spot, but the permission of the station master or the person in charge of skills must be obtained, and there is on-site supervision conditions which can be carried out.