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How to replace the drop-out fuse?



The drop-out fuse is used to protect short-circuit and overload circuit equipment. It is a common short-circuit protection switch for 10KV distribution lines and distribution transformers. The advantages of drop-out circuit breakers are convenient operation, strong adaptability and economy.

Drop-out fuse is very important in power distribution lines. It is also a kind of equipment that is very easy to damage. How to quickly replace the fuse and ensure safety is to understand the common faults of drop-out fuse. The easily damaged parts of the drop-out fuse include front hoop bolts, pillars, upper moving contacts, pull-in blades, fusion tubes, arc extinguishers, etc. Check these vulnerable parts in turn to cause the point of failure and deal with them in time. The replacement method of the drop-out fuse: If the porcelain neck is broken, the arc extinguishing cover is burned, etc., you need to replace the whole body. If there are faults such as upper moving contacts, pull-close switches, burnt tubes, etc., for cost and safety considerations, you can buy matching melts, tubes, etc. when purchasing fuses. If such faults occur, they can be directly loaded and Replaced.

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