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Switching equipment is also called power distribution equipment. It is a general term for power distribution equipment such as high-voltage power distribution cabinets, generators, transformers, power lines, circuit breakers, low-voltage switchgear, switchboards, switch boxes, and control boxes. Do you know the classification of switchgear and the significance of electrical equipment repair?

Switching equipment classification

Switching equipment can be divided into: circuit breakers, isolating switches, load switches and so on.

High voltage circuit breaker

Uses: It can not only cut off the normal load current, but also can cut off a certain short-circuit current, and can automatically trip under the protection device to cut off the short-circuit fault.

Structure: breaking element, transmission element, support element, base and moving structure.

Type: oil circuit breaker; sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breaker; vacuum circuit breaker.

High voltage disconnector
Uses: Isolation voltage action, after the disconnector is disconnected, it can cause a clearly visible break point in the circuit, establish a reliable insulation gap, and ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel;

Structure: no arc extinguishing device (no load operation allowed)
Type:Installation location: indoor; outdoor.
Insulation pillar: single, double column; three column.
Knife gate operation mode: horizontal and vertical rotation type; swing type, plug-in type.

High voltage fuse
Uses: Short circuit or overload protection for high voltage lines and electrical equipment.

Features: The arc-extinguishing ability is not strong, the arc-extinguishing speed is not high, and the arc cannot be extinguished before the short-circuit current reaches the impact value, which is a “non-current limiting” fuse.

lightning arrester
Function: It prevents lightning overvoltage from invading the transformer/distribution station or other buildings along the line, jeopardizing the insulation of electrical equipment.

Installation position: Parallel to the protected object, mounted on the protective power supply side.

The significance of maintenance and overhaul of electrical equipment
1. Treatment is worse than prevention. It is fundamental to do a good job of prevention. We must strengthen the management and inspection of electrical equipment to avoid or reduce the occurrence of electrical accidents.

2. Because of the wide variety of electrical equipment, the technical level involved is different. When the staff maintains and repairs some electrical equipment with high level of scientific and technical level, the detailed analysis based on the equipment's crusting and test results is made. A scientific and rational square sinus is necessary.

3. When there is an emergency of electrical equipment, the staff should use reasonable emergency measures as soon as possible to ensure that the equipment returns to normal operation as soon as possible. Pay attention to the scientific and rational nature of emergency measures.

4. It is necessary to record every emergency and non-emergency failure and maintenance, and make emergency plans for maintenance and overhaul of future electrical equipment, so as to effectively ensure the great significance of electrical equipment and maintenance.

Because electrical equipment is affected by natural factors and human factors during long working conditions, it will shorten the service life and affect the quality and efficiency of work. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular and irregular scientific maintenance and overhaul of electrical equipment. Please contact us if you encounter any problems during maintenance and overhaul.