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Electrical lugs are used when permanent connection is not possible between devices or cables.

In applications involving the termination of high-strand, flexible cable, it’s important to consider the type of lugs used for electrical work.

Cable lugs of various sizes, shapes, materials and configuration are used in the industry. In the wiring, automation, control panel and instrumentation industry, insulated lugs with pin terminal, blade terminal, hook terminal, fork terminal and ring terminal are used. For multiple connection purposes copper ring type lugs are commonly used. Many of the devices such as cable accessories, electric fittings and switchgear are connected with cables using copper cable lugs.

Another type of lug is butt and parallel connector. This is mostly used for connecting and terminating 2 cables. Some of the widely used butt and parallel connectors are PVC insulated, butt type, heat shrinkable and closed end type. Copper cable lugs are used as butt and parallel connector depending on the type of cable used to connect a device with the other.

Don’t use mechanical screw-set lugs

Lugs such as the standard aluminum mechanical set-screw lugs can impart a twisting motion on the fine strands of the wire and thereby deform or cut the strands.

Use compression lugs

When considering lugs for your electrical projects, review the benefits of compression lugs. These connectors impart equal radial pressure around the wire and help to form a dense joint. Another key benefit is that their flared opening helps to gather the strands, which blossom, or spread when cut. The flared opening helps ensure every strand is gathered into the barrel and remains in place.

In cases where mechanical lugs must be used

There are some applications in which mechanical lugs must be used due to the interchangeability provided. In such cases, the pressure pad style of lug is recommended for broad static wire-surface contact pressure.


In the power distribution industry, tube crimping lungs are widely used. As high voltage power is passed, most of the connectors used for connection purpose have a thick layer of insulation. Some use copper tubular lugs. Material of the lug should be chosen based on the usage.

In the wiring and electrical sector, lugs have indispensable usage. Strength of a lug should be checked before using it in the heavy-duty applications. In many applications the strength and the shape of lugs matters. Select lugs based on the usage.

Cable lugs allows in easy installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices or cables.