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Safety Measures To Be Done When Replacing Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters



When replacing zinc oxide surge arresters, the following safety measures are usually required:

1. Confirm that the isolating switch is in the open state, and mark it at the operating position of the isolating switch to prevent someone from closing the isolating switch by mistake and disconnecting the operating power of the operating mechanism.
2. Confirm that the grounding knife on the side of the isolating switch close to the zinc oxide arrester is in the closed state.

3. Set up a fence around the zinc oxide arrester and mark the high voltage danger sign.
4. Take emergency precautions against induced electric shock, and hang up the temporary security grounding wire before removing the head.
5. When replacing the zinc oxide arrester, the cooperation of the crane is required, and the operator of the crane should be trained in the corresponding electrical replacement work.
6. The operator on the insulated elevator must fasten the safety belt before starting to work, and make sure that the position of the safety belt hanging is in the correct place.
7. If you need to use a bamboo ladder at work, you need two or more people to carry it, and when you lift it, you need to be protected by multiple people to prevent the ladder from falling down and hitting the electrified part or hurting people.