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Several characteristics of zinc oxide arrester



1. Excellent protection characteristics, excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, no gap structure, small size and light weight; when overvoltage invades, the current increases rapidly, while limiting the amplitude of overvoltage, releasing overvoltage energy, and then Restore the high resistance state to make the power system work normally.

2. Current capacity, that is, the arrester has the ability to absorb various lightning overvoltages, operating overvoltages, and power frequency transient overvoltages.

3. Power frequency withstand capability, that is, the arrester has the ability to withstand a certain power frequency voltage rise within a certain period of time.

4. Good anti-fouling performance.

5. High operational reliability.

6. Good sealing performance.

7. For mechanical performance, three factors are mainly considered; A. The maximum allowable pulling force of the wire on the top of the arrester; B. The maximum wind pressure acting on the arrester; C. The seismic force that it bears.