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Common Sense of Lightning Arrester Testing



1.The characteristic of zinc oxide arrester is that there is no gap in series, so when working in the grid system, the current will directly pass through the body of the zinc oxide arrester. Under the action of current, the zinc oxide arrester will continue to heat up, and the result of this is that the valve of the zinc oxide arrester will age until it is scrapped. Therefore, the test of the current passing the upper limit of the load should be carried out in advance.

2.  Since the zinc oxide arrester itself is used as a conductive equipment experiment, if it is exposed to moisture, it will cause problems in the overall insulation performance. This kind of problem will not only increase the current demand and increase the power consumption, but may even cause internal discharge. Make the overall zinc oxide arrester lose its original required effect. Therefore, a test of moisture resistance is required.

3. Zinc oxide arrester-usually installed under high-voltage power grid system, so the voltage is very strong. Under long-term voltage shock, the valve of zinc oxide arrester may also be heated like current, and then deteriorate. Therefore, the upper limit test of voltage load is also necessary.