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About lightning arrester

Lightning arrester is a kind of lightning protection device connected between the wire and the ground, usually in parallel with the protected equipment.

How does surge arrester work?

The surge arrester can effectively protect the power equipment. Once an abnormal voltage occurs, the surge arrester takes effect and plays a protective role. When the equipment to be protected is operated under normal operating voltage, the arrester will not work, and it is regarded as an open circuit to the ground. Once a high voltage occurs and the insulation of the protected equipment is endangered, the surge arrester immediately acts to direct the high-voltage inrush current to the ground, thereby limiting the voltage amplitude and protecting the insulation of the electrical equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, the arrester quickly returns to its original state, enabling the system to supply power normally. The main function of the arrester is to cut the amplitude of the intrusive flow wave through the function of parallel discharge gap or nonlinear resistance, reduce the overvoltage value received by the protected equipment, and thus achieve the role of protecting the power equipment.

Lightning arresters can be used not only to protect high atmospheric voltages, but also to protect operating high voltages. In the event of thunderstorms, high voltage will appear during lightning flashes, and electrical equipment may be dangerous. At this time, the lightning arrester will work to protect the electrical equipment from damage. The biggest and most important role of the arrester is to limit the overvoltage to protect electrical equipment. Lightning arrester is a device that allows lightning current to flow into the ground so that electrical equipment does not generate high voltage. The main types are tube type arrester, valve type arrester and zinc oxide arrester. The main working principle of each type of arrester is different, but their work is essentially the same, all to protect the equipment from damage.

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