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What happens to the vacuum circuit breaker should be immediately cut off for protection?



The vacuum circuit breaker should apply for immediate power failure maintenance:
1) The casing of the circuit breaker has serious damage and discharge.
2). There is smoke or abnormal sound inside the arc extinguishing chamber of the SF6 oil circuit breaker.
3). The SF6 oil circuit breaker has serious oil leakage, and the oil level cannot be seen in the oil level gauge.
4). The SF6 air chamber is seriously leaking, and the operation lock signal is issued.
5). The vacuum circuit breaker has the hissing sound of vacuum damage, cannot be closed reliably, the sound is abnormal after closing, the closing iron core does not return, and the opening release refuses to act.
6). After the vacuum circuit breaker operates and opens, the duty personnel should immediately record the time of the failure, and immediately carry out "special accident inspection" maintenance to determine whether the circuit breaker itself is faulty, and to find out the cause and handle the maintenance.
7) After the circuit breaker forcibly transmits power to the fault, no matter whether it is successful or not, the appearance of the circuit breaker should be carefully checked and dealt with.
8) The vacuum circuit breaker refuses to act when the fault is tripped, resulting in a leapfrog opening. Before restoring the power transmission of the system, the circuit breaker that refuses to act should be disconnected from the system and kept in its original state.
It can be put into operation after the defects are eliminated.
9) In case of accidental explosion or serious air leakage of SF6 circuit breaker, personnel on duty should be cautious when approaching the equipment, try to approach the equipment from the "upwind", and wear gas masks and protection if necessary.

If the above situations occur in the process of using the vacuum circuit breaker, the power should be cut off immediately and checked.