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Features of ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Switch



ZW7-40.5 outdoor high voltage vacuum switch has the following product features:

1. Flexible and convenient operation: this product can be used for electric energy storage, electric opening and closing, or manual energy storage, manual opening and closing functions, and can be remotely operated at short distances or long distances;

2. Superior breaking performance: breaking short-circuit current of 45kA up to 10,000 times;

3. Low operating power and high reliability: The newly designed miniaturized electric spring mechanism reduces the number of parts and the rated power of the energy storage motor (about 40W) to a low level;

4. Flexible installation method: it can be installed on the column or by sitting.

5. It has the characteristics of maintenance-free: the main circuit, secondary components and operating mechanism of the circuit breaker are all sealed in SF6 gas (zero gauge pressure), which is not affected by the external environment, with stable, reliable performance and maintenance-free;

6. Reliable sealing performance: using mature sealing structure technology, the sealing performance is reliable;

7. Excellent insulation performance of incoming and outgoing wires: silicone rubber sleeves are used to ensure sufficient insulation distance between terminals and excellent external insulation performance;

8. Safe to use: An explosion-proof device is installed on the top of the box. Even if an unexpected internal failure occurs, there will be no leakage and escape of high-temperature gas or objects exceeding 10mm.

9. "Four remote" function: It can be matched with the controller to realize the functions of remote control, telemetry, remote signaling and remote adjustment;