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The Differences Between Isolating Switch And Circuit Breaker



Isolation switch: similar to a knife switch, without the function of preventing overcurrent and short circuit, and without arc extinguishing device;

Circuit breaker: It has the function of over-current and short-circuit automatic tripping, with demagnetization and arc extinguishing device, which can be used to connect and cut off large current;

Under normal circumstances, an isolating switch cannot be used to turn on or off the current. It only breaks when the circuit breaker is off, providing an "obvious point of disconnection".

In general, the downstream of the isolating switch is the circuit breaker, and the functions of the two are different. Needless to say, the function of the circuit breaker is to carry the breaking fault current. The isolating switch is to cut off the downstream circuit breaker to protect the safety of people when the circuit breaker fails. Therefore, the isolating switch does not have the function of breaking fault current, and it is safe to open or close by human will.
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