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Solution To The Closing Bounce Problem Of High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker



During the operation of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, the problem of closing bounce often occurs, so how to effectively reduce the frequency of closing bounce has become a standard for assessing the quality of the circuit breaker! Based on years of practice and experience, we has found a set of solutions to solve this problem!

1. The hazard of high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker closing bounce:

Closing bounce is an important parameter of the mechanical characteristics of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers. During the closing bounce process, the contact opening distance is small, and the arc will not extinguish, resulting in increased electrical wear of the contacts, thereby affecting the electrical life of the arc extinguishing chamber , But due to its short existence time, it is much shorter than the arc burning time in the closing process. The main hazard of the bounce within a certain range is that it accelerates the wear of the arc extinguisher contacts, which leads to the shortening of the electrical life of the arc extinguisher.

2. Handling of high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker closing bounce:

How much damage does closing bounce have to the electrical life of the vacuum interrupter? During the closing process, due to the inelastic collision of the moving and static contacts, the bounce value is related to many factors, such as the elastic force of the contact spring, the closing speed, the opening distance, and the contact material of the vacuum circuit breaker. , The quality of debugging, and the machining accuracy of parts such as aluminum support, arc extinguishing chamber, shaft pin and commutator all affect the length of the vacuum circuit breaker's closing bounce time.
In order to reduce the closing bounce to the specified range, the following measures are usually taken:
(1) Improve the processing accuracy of accessories, make the aluminum support and the shaft, the commutator and the steel pin, the shaft closely match, and reduce the gap;
(2) Strengthen the quality control of the assembly process and improve the quality of the assembly process. During the assembly process of the vacuum circuit breaker, pay attention to the reasonable installation, so as not to subject the vacuum interrupter to additional stress, adjust the position of the guide tube to make the movable contact of the interrupter move trajectory, on the axis of the interrupter, the movable contact of the vacuum interrupter can move freely without any jamming phenomenon;
(3) Properly increase the preload of the contact overtravel spring;

By taking the above measures, the bounce time can be effectively controlled to solve the bounce problem of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker.

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