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The Installation and Application Methods of High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers



The following takes the function and application of the load boundary high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the power system as an example to illustrate the installation and application of the vacuum circuit breaker in detail:

Application of load boundary high voltage vacuum circuit breaker:

1. The detection data can be transmitted to the power management center to realize real-time monitoring of remote loads;
2. Boundary circuit breaker is the first circuit breaker between the power company and the user. It is generally installed on the first pole of the 10 KV overhead distribution line branch, and the load side is connected to the user.
3. When the boundary circuit breaker body is installed, relevant departments should organize insulation resistance measurement, power frequency withstand voltage detection and test before installation;
4. Insulation resistance measurement standard: use a 2500V megger to measure the insulation resistance, divide the circuit breaker, and the distance between the relative ground and the fracture is more than1000MΩ;
5. Power frequency withstand voltage test standard: boundary circuit breaker, between relative ground and fracture: 42kV, the opening and closing operation surface and indicating surface of boundary circuit breaker should face the outside.

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