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What Are The Types of Circuit Breakers? What Are The Accessories?



What are the types of circuit breakers?

According to the operation mode: electric operation, energy storage operation and manual operation.
According to the structure: universal type and plastic shell type.
According to the category of use:  selective and non-selective.
According to the arc extinguishing medium: oil-immersed, vacuum and air.
According to the speed of action: fast type and normal type.
According to the number of poles:  single pole, two poles, three poles and four poles.
According to the installation method:  plug-in type, fixed type and drawer type.

High-voltage circuit breaker (or high-voltage switch) is the main power control equipment in power plants and substations. It has arc extinguishing characteristics. When the system is operating normally, it can cut off and connect the line.

What are the accessories for circuit breakers?

Undervoltage, shunt, auxiliary, alarm, auxiliary alarm, wiring board, wiring nose, arc shield, mounting screws, plug-in accessories, drawer-type accessories, extension handles, rotating handles, DC modules, panels, electric operating mechanisms, etc.

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