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The Performance of Pillar Porcelain Post Insulator



Because the pillar porcelain Post Insulator (bottle) is installed in the high-voltage circuit, its basic performance should include electrical performance. Since most of the pillar porcelain bottles are used in the open air, they also have certain mechanical properties and anti-corrosion properties.

Its electrical performance is mainly reflected in the insulation performance and anti-electric breakdown performance of the pillar porcelain bottle. The pillar porcelain bottle itself is made of ceramics with excellent insulation performance, so the pillar porcelain bottle fully meets the needs in terms of insulation performance. The anti-electrical breakdown performance mainly comes from the spark shock caused by the occasional sharp high voltage, which is actually a part of the mechanical performance. Pillar post insulator need to have enough pressure resistance to ensure that they will not be damaged under the occasional electric spark shock.

Its mechanical properties are mainly due to the fact that the pillar porcelain bottle is installed in the open air environment and needs to withstand the action of gravity, wind, earthquake or other mechanical stress. The anti-corrosion performance is the basic performance of ceramics.