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Electrical properties of ceramic insulators



The application of power equipment in our power industry is very frequent. Their use has brought more convenience to our electrical work. There are also many types of power equipment. Today we are introducing some of the ceramic insulators. Related knowledge, I hope our introduction can help you in the later use.

When in normal use, the choice of electrical equipment is very important. There are many types of electrical equipment, and ceramic insulators are one of them. The basic properties of insulators include electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, there are properties such as environmental resistance and aging resistance. The destructive discharge that occurs along the insulating surface is called flashover, and the flashover characteristic is the main electrical performance of the insulator. For different voltage levels, the withstand voltage requirements of insulators are different. Its indicators include power frequency dry and wet withstand voltage, lightning impulse withstand voltage, lightning impulse chopping withstand voltage, and operating impulse withstand voltage. To avoid breakdown during operation, the breakdown voltage of the insulator is higher than the flashover voltage. In the factory test, the breakdown type ceramic insulator generally undergoes a spark test, that is, high voltage is applied to cause frequent sparks on the insulating surface, and it is maintained for a certain period of time to see if it is broken down. Some insulators are also subject to corona test, radio interference test, partial discharge test and dielectric loss test.

The above content is the electrical performance of the ceramic insulator we introduced to you. Through our introduction, I believe that we all have a simple understanding of some related knowledge of the product, so that it can be more convenient when we use it. If you If you are interested in our products, please send email or call to consult us.