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Design and Introduction of the Structure of Silicone Long Rod Insulator



Jecsany’s design of Long rods, Post, Standoff & Guy Strain Insulators:

Rod: Jecsany’s Insulators are manufactured with electrical grade corrosion resistant epoxy rod. The materials are made of the highest quality and routinely tested to ensure the maximum performance characteristics.

End fittings: A range of end fittings is available to provide flexible coupling methods that integrate into each line design. The fittings are machined from forging steel and hot dip galvanized in accordance with ISO 1461.

Sheds: The sheds are manufactured using high-pressure injection or compression mold techniques to creat a smooth surface reducing the amount of pollution trap.

Leakage Distance: The silicone rubber is used for the shed manufacture. The material is highly filled with ATH to resist tracking and a silicone base polymer to provide the hydrophobicity, which is transferred to the pollution layer.

Standards: All insulators are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61109 & IEC IEC 61952. Quality processes are implemented as per ISO 9001.

Mechanical ratings: Jecsany’s distribution insulators are rated at a specified mechanical load of 70KN/120KN/160KN/210KN or 4KN/8KN/12KN and are routinely tested. All long rod insulators and stand off Insulators are produced and tested according to IEC 61109 and IEC 61952.

Design Flexibility: Jecsany prides itself in being able to offer flexible solutions to customer requests, with more than 20 years experience in the electrical industry.

Introduction of the Structure of Silicone Long Rod Insulator as below,