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Should the Drop-out Fuse be tested first before using?



After the drop-out fuse is purchased, due to the difference in model size, etc., it cannot be directly used in the circuit, so does the drop-out fuse need to be tested before it can be used?

Drop-out fuse does not need to be tested, but the size of the fuse link should be determined according to the actual load, and the manufacturer's product approved by the power department should be selected. For safety reasons, it should not be too large, and the nearest gear should be selected above the rated load. Less than or equal to the rated current of the power sector is best. According to the voltage grade and capacity of the distribution transformer, the rated voltage of the drop-out fuse should be greater than or equal to the highest voltage in actual work. The three-phase short-circuit capacity of the distribution transformer must be less than the upper limit of the rated breaking capacity of the drop-out fuse, but must be greater than the lower limit of the rated breaking capacity. High-voltage drop-out fuses are generally suitable for outdoor places where there is no conductive dust, corrosive gas, flammable and explosive substances in the surrounding air, and the annual temperature changes to not higher than 40 degrees Celsius and not less than minus 30 degrees Celsius. When purchasing and selecting, it is required that all parts of the drop-out fuse are complete, the rotating shaft is smooth and flexible, the castings are free of cracks, sand holes and rust, and the porcelain body is good.

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