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There are many types and models of circuit breakers. This article will take you to learn more about  ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole circuit breaker.

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a control and protection device in rated three-phase high-voltage distribution network of 24KV, 50HZ AC. It is mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in power lines. It is suitable for protection and control in substations and industrial and mining enterprise power distribution systems. The circuit breaker adopts a pillar type and dry structure, which has reliable insulation, long electrical life and maintenance-free, and is especially suitable for the requirements of frequent operating places. It is more suitable for installation and use in rural power grids with poor maintenance and maintenance capabilities. It can also be used as a section switch of the power grid. After installing a controller, it can realize distribution network automation.

Structural and functional characteristics

The circuit breaker is mainly composed of an integrated solid-sealed pole, a current transformer, a spring mechanism, and a box. The diversion circuit of the vacuum circuit breaker is composed of an upper incoming line end, a vacuum interrupter contact, and a lower outgoing end. The circuit breaker is designed for miniaturization. The circuit breaker can be installed with two-phase or three-phase CT. The circuit breaker uses a new composite solid insulation structure.

Vacuum arc extinguishing chambers are separately placed in the insulation cover, so that the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is integrated with the insulation, which greatly improves its insulation performance. It uses epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation materials to protect the appearance of the vacuum interrupter from the surrounding environment, improve the insulation performance and anti-pollution, anti-condensation capabilities, and improve ozone resistance, UV resistance, aging ability, while greatly improving the mechanical strength.

The vacuum interrupter, the main conductive circuit and the insulation support are organically combined into an integrated solid-sealed pole. The design is a fully sealed, fully insulated, maintenance-free structure, which completely solves the contradiction between the miniaturization of the vacuum interrupter and the requirements of external insulation. The vacuum arc extinguishing chamber uses the excellent insulation of the vacuum inside the tube to quickly extinguish the arc and suppress the current after the high-voltage circuit is cut off. The arcing time is short, the arc voltage is low, the arc energy is small, the contact wear is small, and the allowable number of interruptions is large. The design uses a unique R contact design with international patents to form a high-intensity longitudinal magnetic field, strong breaking capacity and high reliability. The design has the following characteristics: integrated contacts, no arc starting groove, perfect surface geometry, high pressure resistance, good mechanical strength, and no deformation during opening and closing. The internal circuit resistance of the arc extinguishing chamber is small, the internal electric field is uniform, the contact interception value is low, and it has the capability of reliable cutting capacity and inductive load.

Installation instructions

The circuit breaker should be checked before installation and use:

a) Whether there are damages and cracks in the appearance;

b) whether the closing and separation signs and energy storage signs are falling off or missing;

c) whether the box body and the cover are deformed and check their tightness;

d) whether the fastener is loose;

e) manually and electrically operated circuit breakers are opened and closed 10 times, and the opening and closing should be reliable;

f) conduct a power frequency withstand voltage test.