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In the previous article we learned the working principle and structure of vacuum circuit breakers. Below we mainly introduce the characteristics and applications of vacuum circuit breakers. Let's take a look together.

Features of vacuum circuit breaker
1. The contact opening distance is small. The contact opening distance of the 10KV vacuum circuit breaker is only about 10mm, the operating power of the operating mechanism is small, the stroke of the mechanical part is small, and the mechanical life is long.
2. The arcing time is short and has nothing to do with the switching current. Generally, there is only half cycle. After the arc is extinguished, the contact gap medium recovers quickly, and the fault performance in the near region of the interruption is better.
3. Due to the small amount of wear of the contact when breaking the current, the contact has a long electrical life, 30-50 times of full capacity breaking, 5,000 times of rated current breaking, and low noise is suitable for frequent operation.
4. Small size and light weight. It is suitable for breaking capacitive load current.
Because of its many advantages, it is widely used in substations. The current models are: ZN12-10, ZN28A-10, ZN65A-12, ZN12A-12, VS1, ZN30, etc.

Application of vacuum circuit breaker
Today, vacuum circuit breakers are recognized as the most reliable current interruption technology in medium voltage switchgear. Compared to other circuit breaker technologies, it requires minimal maintenance. This technology is mainly suitable for main medium voltage applications. Vacuum technology for higher voltages has been developed, but is not commercially viable. Vacuum circuit breakers are used in metal-clad switchgear and also in porcelain circuit breakers. The high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is widely used in various distribution networks for reasons such as small size and light weight, and does not need to be professionally repaired during the entire use process.And it can be operated frequently without causing damage to this circuit breaker.

How vacuum circuit breakers improve service life?
The service life refers to the number of interruptions under full capacity load. It is worth noting that the contacts of the vacuum circuit breaker cannot be replaced and repaired during use, so it is very urgent to improve the service life of the product. At present, the newly-developed new type vacuum interrupter uses copper-chromium contacts and a longitudinal magnetic field electric level. The use of copper-chromium contacts reduces the damage caused by the arc to the contacts. The longitudinal magnetic field electrodes reduce the arc voltage and make it less interrupted. It is evenly distributed on the contact surface, so the service life of the vacuum circuit breaker has been greatly improved through the application of these two new technologies.

Pay attention to the adjustment of mechanical parameters

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