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The electric cable is a single component that connects two devices to form an electrical signal by bonding or braiding two or more wires together. Cable accessories are usually composed of a cable core that transmits electrical or electrical signals and a jacket that protects and insulates the cable core. A cable with only one cable core and a small diameter is often referred to as a wire. Some wires also have no insulating sheath and they are called bare wires. The core in the cable is made of a metal material with good electrical conductivity, which usually uses copper with good electrical conductivity or aluminum with low cost.

According to the system of photovoltaic power station, the electrical power can be divided into DC cable and AC cable. It is classified as follows according to the application and environment.

DC cable
(1) A series cable between components.

(2) A parallel cable between the components and the string to the DC distribution box.

(3) Cable between DC distribution box and inverter.

The above cables are all DC cables. DC cables are widely laid outdoors, which need to be protected from moisture, sun, cold, heat and UV. In some special environments, chemical substances such as acid and alkali should be protected.

AC Cable
(1) The connection cable from inverter to step-up transformer.

(2) The connection cable from step-up transformer to power distribution unit.

(3) The connection cable of the power distribution device to the grid or the user.

These power lines are AC load cables. And the indoor environment is mostly laid, which can be selected according to the general power cable selection requirements.

Flame Retardant Rubber Cable
This product is a series of mining rubber flexible cable products, which is suitable for power connection of shearer and similar equipment with rated voltage of 1.9/3.3KV and below. Flame-retardant rubber cables are mostly used in coal mines. The core allows a long-term operating temperature of 65℃, and the minimum bend radius of the wire is 6 times the diameter of the cable. Yellow sheathed cables can not be exposed to light for long periods of time.

Nuclear Cable
This product is suitable for control and signal connection cables used in the control system network with a rated voltage of 0.6/1kV.

The cable conductor allows a long-term operating temperature of 90℃, and the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250℃ during short circuit. What’s more, the duration does not exceed 5 seconds. The ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃ when laying the cable.

Bare Wire and Bare Conductor Products
The main features of this product are pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper and aluminum busbar, electric locomotive line and so on. The processing technology uses such products mainly for pressure processing, such as melting, calendering, drawing, and pressing and twisting. Products are mainly used in suburbs, rural areas, user main lines, switch cabinets and so on.

Power Cable
The products are mainly used for the transmission of strong electric energy in power generation and power supply lines. The current passing through is large, which can reach several tens of amps to several thousand amps.

Communication Cable and Fiber
With the rapid development of the communication industry in the past two decades, the products have also experienced phenomenal growth. From the simple telephone telegraph cable of the past to thousands of pairs of cable, coaxial cable, optical cable, data cable, and even combined communication cable. The structural dimensions of such products are generally small and uniform, and manufacturing precision is required.

Electromagnetic Wire
The electromagnetic wire is also called the winding wire, which is mainly used for various motors, instrumentation and so on.

Cables can be divided into the above categories. Each cable has its own characteristics and scope of application. If you are interested, follow us to learn more.

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