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Power cables are cables used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Electrical cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station outgoing lines, power supply in industrial and mining enterprises and underwater power transmission lines across rivers and seas. In power lines, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing. Power cables are cable products used to transmit and distribute high-power electric energy in the trunk lines of power systems, including 1-500KV and above various voltage levels and various insulated power cables. Below, we will introduce some relevant maintenance and nursing knowledge.

1. Prevent surface pollution flashover of insulation sleeve of terminal
Regularly clean the dust on the surface of insulating sleeve. The number of times of cleaning should be increased in places with serious pollution.

2. Check the appearance of cables installed with high differential.
Because the inner sheath of high differential cable is prone to fatigue and crack damage under the condition of large gravity and vibration, it has great influence on the use of the cable.

1) If the outer skin falls off by more than 40% or the armor layer is bare rust, it shall be protected with antirust paint.

2) If the metal sheath of the electrical cable is cracked and corroded, temporary treatment shall be carried out first, and records shall be kept so as to facilitate scheduled maintenance and replacement.

3) If there is any bump on the cable or protective tube, and if there is any lack of auxiliary installation device for the cable, it shall be repaired immediately.

3. Maintenance of Cable Terminals
1) If the terminal has fever, it shall be powered off.

2) Whether the phase color marking is clear or not, if not, the phase color shall be re-marked.

3) Whether the grounding is good or not. If the grounding is not good, it shall be reprocessed to make the grounding part conform to the standard.

4) Cable nameplate is in good condition and correct, if there is any damage should be replaced.

5) If there are cracks, trachoma, etc. in the terminal shell, timely replacement shall be arranged.

4. Load Monitoring
1) Regularly measure the load current of each phase of the cable and analyze the cause of load imbalance.

2) Regularly measure the actual temperature on the cable surface to determine whether the cable is overheated to prevent premature aging of the insulation.

3) Visually close and wipe the connection points of cable terminals and other electrical equipment for overheating. General aluminum metal electrical equipment is grayish white after overheating; Copper metal electrical equipment turns pale red after overheating.

5. Inspection of Tunnels, Cable Trenches, Nanholes and Drain Pipes

1) Check whether the doors and locks are opened and closed normally, and whether the facilities for preventing small animals from entering the entrances and exits and ventilation openings are in good condition. Any problems found must be solved immediately.

2) Check for water seepage and ponding. Any ponding shall be removed immediately and the leakage shall be repaired.

3) Check whether the cables, connectors and grounding inside are normal.

4) Measure grounding resistance and potential of cable sheath to prevent corrosion. The inspection of the outer surface of the cable is the same as point 2 above.

5) Check whether the cable on the bracket is damaged or scratched, whether the bracket falls off, etc. If there is any bad phenomenon, it shall be handled in a timely manner. If it cannot be handled, records shall be made and plans shall be arranged to solve it in a timely manner.

6) Check whether ventilation, lighting and waterproof facilities are in good condition, and whether the civil engineering part sinks and cracks. If there are any problems, record the defects and deal with them in time.

7) Dredge the spare drain pipes and remove sludge and sundries, which is an effective and simple method to check whether the drain pipes are damaged due to ground subsidence.

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