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Selection method of insulator type



1.Because insulators have mechanical and electrical functions, and machinery can withstand the vertical load of wires and hardware. Therefore, it can be selected according to the weight of the insulator. If a light-weight insulator is required, a composite insulator is selected, or if the weight requirement is not high, a ceramic or glass insulator can be selected.

2. Select insulators corresponding to different levels according to different voltage levels. Whether it is a ceramic, glass insulator, or a composite insulator, each model has a corresponding voltage level, so when choosing, the required voltage level should be considered;

3. Select different types of insulators according to the site environment. After several suitable insulators are determined according to the weight and voltage level, the most suitable insulator is selected according to the site environment, such as judging whether the insulator's tensile force, creepage distance, anti-fouling performance and other characteristics meet the environmental requirements.