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The difference between lightning arrester and lightning rod



lightning arrester:

1. The lightning arrester is a kind of existence similar to the resistance, and its function is somewhat similar to that of the Zener diode. It will change the size of the resistance as the voltage is high or low. At present, most of the arresters on the market are made of zinc oxide, and the components are the valve pieces of zinc oxide. Under normal conditions, the leakage current is very small and will not affect the operation of the system. When the system has a high voltage that exceeds normal operation, the arrester will discharge energy at this time to limit the increase of the system voltage to ensure that the insulation of electrical objects is not hit.
2. The lightning arrester is an indirect grounding. It is mainly through the phenomenon of voltage discharge that lightning strikes are introduced into the ground, thereby protecting charged objects, such as electrical lines. When the weather is good, the inside of the lightning arrester is non-conductive, and when it encounters a lightning strike, it will protect the object through the discharge of electricity.
3. The lightning arrester is usually connected in parallel with the protected equipment, mainly in the middle of the cable and the earth, which effectively protects the communication equipment. Once the voltage is abnormal, the protective effect of the lightning arrester will be reflected. Once a high voltage appears, the lightning arrester will introduce the surge current into the ground. When the voltage disappears, it will quickly return to its original state, allowing the communication line to start operating normally. Therefore, the function of the lightning arrester is to cut the intruding current, reduce the voltage value of the protected equipment, protect the parallel equipment, and can also be used to protect and operate high voltage.

lightning rod:

1. The lightning rod is the lightning rod, which is normally installed at the highest part of the house. The top is made of sharp metal, the bottom is well connected to the grounding grid, and the resistance to ground is under 10 ohms. When encountering thunderstorms, the top of the lightning rod will distort the electric field, attracting thunderclouds to its tip, and protecting other objects from being struck by lightning through the neutralization of the ground.

2. The lightning rod is directly grounded, mainly using the phenomenon to avoid the protected object from being struck by lightning rod. The two of them are separated separately, and the protected objects refer to the more concentrated important objects.