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What is the main function of power fittings?



What is the role of power metal? We all know that in overhead power lines and power distribution installations, power accessories are mainly used to support, fix and connect bare wires, conductors and insulators, and are also used to protect wires and insulators. Therefore, the power accessories used now can be divided into several categories in terms of performance and use.

1.Suspension fittings, also known as support fittings or suspension fixtures. This type of fitting
is mainly used for hanging insulator strings (for linear towers) and hanging jumpers on insulator strings.

2. Anchoring hardware, also known as fastening fittings or wire clips. This accessory is mainly used to fix the terminal of the wire, fixed on the wire insulator string, and also used to fix the lightning protection terminal and fix the cable. Anchoring hardware withstands all the tension of electrical and lightning cables, and some of the anchoring hardware becomes electrical conductors.

3. Connection accessories, also known as hanging wire accessories. This fitting is used to connect insulators into strings and attach fittings to fittings. It is mechanically loaded.

4. Continue with accessories. This accessory is designed to connect a variety of bare and lightning cables. Continuing to carry the same electrical load as the wire, most connections carry the full tension of the wire or lightning rod.

5. Protective accessories. This accessory is used to protect wires, insulators, etc., such as pressure balance rings for protecting insulators, weights for pulling up strings of insulators, and anti-vibration hammers and protective wires for preventing wire vibration.

6. Contact with accessories. This accessory is used to connect hard bursars, soft bursars to outlet terminals of electrical equipment, T-connections of conductors and parallel connections without support force, which are electrical contacts. Therefore, high electrical conductivity and contact stability of the contact fittings are required.

7. Fixed accessories, also known as power plant accessories or high current bursar accessories. Power fittings models remind you: metal fittings are used to fix and connect various hard or soft bursars and post insulators in power distribution installations, most fixing gold fittings are not used as electrical conductors, only for fixing, supporting and hanging. However, since these accessories are used for high current, there should be no hysteresis losses in all components.