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Basic principles of electrical maintenance



For electric power maintenance, do not rush to start with faulty electrical equipment. You should first inquire about the history of the fault, the fault phenomenon, and the specific use of the equipment (such as whether the substances flowing through the pump motor are harmful or harmless, etc.) ).For unfamiliar equipment, you should first understand the circuit principle and structural characteristics, and abide by the corresponding rules.

Before disassembling electrical maintenance, it is necessary to fully understand the function, orientation, connection method and relationship with other equipment around each electrical component. Check whether there are obvious cracks and defects in the equipment, understand its repair history, service life, etc., and then check the inside of the machine.

Before dismantling for power maintenance, the surrounding fault factors should be queued up, and the equipment can only be disassembled after it is confirmed that it is an internal fault. Otherwise, blindly dismantling may make the equipment worse and worse.Only after confirming that there are no faults in the mechanical parts, do the electrical inspection. When checking circuit faults, you should use testing instruments to find and confirm the specific fault location. After confirming that there is no bad contact fault, then check the operation relationship between the circuit and the machine in a targeted manner to avoid misjudgment and misjudgment.