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Unpacking diagnosis and identification of high-voltage fuse



How can we judge the quality of the newly purchased high-voltage fuse? The broken high-voltage fuse may cause personal injury or property loss after installation, so in order to avoid this situation, this introduction hopes to help customers identify high-voltage fuses.

In general, the following points should be met in the identification of high-voltage fuse:
1. Open the box and check the appearance of high-voltage fuse for damage and loss and deformation of accessories.
2. Product certificate, packing list and safety instructions are required in the package.
3. Make sure that the name, quantity and model of high-voltage fuse in the package are consistent with those indicated on the package.
4. Check the product surface for stains, deformation and cracks.
5. Check whether the nameplate of high-voltage fuse and the parameters on the nameplate meet the factory requirements.
6. Check whether the contact spring elasticity of high-voltage fuse is very good.

7. Check whether the melting tube manufacturing of high-voltage fuse is flexible and whether the angle meets the specification requirements. High-voltage fuses greatly improve the safety of power equipment.