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How to install and inspect and maintain the high voltage load switch in operation?



The problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of the high-voltage load switch are basically similar to those of the high-voltage isolating switch, but special attention should be paid to whether the position of its arc extinguishing device is correct after each operation.

The maintenance of the high-voltage load switch can be carried out according to the three parts of the working knife switch, the arc extinguishing device and the transmission device. The maintenance of the working knife switch is the same as that of the high voltage disconnector. The purpose of transmission maintenance is to ensure the stability, flexibility and reliability of its work. When there is no mechanical damage such as deformation and breakage, it is mainly the maintenance of the high-voltage load switch, and each transmission part is lubricated with grease.

(1) Installation method, the high-voltage load switch must be installed vertically and the acceleration spring of the outer brake cannot be removed.

(2) Regularly check the arc extinguishing chamber. After many operations, the arc extinguishing chamber of the high-voltage load switch will be gradually damaged, which will reduce the arc extinguishing ability or even fail to extinguish the arc, resulting in a grounding or phase-to-phase short-circuit accident. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly power off to check the integrity of the arc-extinguishing chamber, and remove the damage, leakage and other undesirable phenomena in time.


The maintenance period of the LBIS33 and GW35-33 load switches depends on the degree of burnout of the arcing contacts and nozzles. If the burnout is not serious, it can be used after trimming. If the burnout is serious, the breaking capacity of the switch will be reduced. In order to ensure the normal operation of the switch, these parts must be replaced.

(3) Check the opening degree of the knife switch. When the high-voltage load switch is fully opened, the opening angle of the knife switch should be greater than 58°, so as to play the role of the isolation switch. When the switch is closed, the contact of the main contact of the load switch should be good, and the contact point should have no heating phenomenon.

(4) Accessories should be clean and free of defects. The surface of the insulator and operating connecting rod of the high-voltage load switch shall be free from dust accumulation, trauma, cracks, defects or flashover marks.