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"JECSANY" is a professional China various medium and high voltage product provider which supplies Fuse Cutouts, surge Arrester and Protection Device, vacuum circuit breakers, auto reclosers, switchgear, polymer/porcelain insulators, power tools, power accessories, OPGW/ADSS, distribution transformers, etc. And be able to provide one-stop service for new and old customers, including product development, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sales service.

Fuse Cutouts are the most commonly used short-circuit protection switch for branch lines and distribution transformers of 10kV-36KV distribution lines.
The drop-out fuse is installed on the branch line of 10kV-36KV distribution line, which can reduce the scope of power outage. Because it has an obvious disconnection point, it has the function of isolating switch, which creates a safe working environment for the lines and equipment in the maintenance section.
Installed on the distribution transformer, it can be used as the main protection of the distribution transformer.
It has the characteristics of economy, easy operation and strong adaptability to outdoor environment. It is widely used in 10kV-36KV distribution lines and the primary side of distribution transformers as protection and equipment switching and switching operations, and has been popularized.
The working principle of the drop-out fuse can be summarized as follows:
The moving contacts at both ends of the fuse tube are fastened by the fuse (melt), and after the upper moving contact is pushed into the "duckbill" protruding part, the upper static contact made of phosphor copper sheet is pressed against the upper moving contact. head, so the fuse tube is firmly stuck in the "duckbill". When the short-circuit current is blown through the fuse, an arc is generated, and the steel paper tube lined with the fuse tube generates a large amount of gas under the action of the arc. Because the upper end of the fuse tube is sealed, the gas is ejected to the lower end to blow out the arc. Because the fuse is blown, the upper and lower moving contacts of the fuse tube lose the tightening force of the fuse. Under the action of the fuse tube's own gravity and the spring sheets of the upper and lower static contacts, the fuse tube falls rapidly and the circuit is disconnected , remove the faulty section line or faulty equipment.

"JECSANY" Fuse Cutouts have stable quality and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and other global markets. OEM customization can also be made according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.
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