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"JECSANY" is a professional China various medium and high voltage product provider which supplies Polymer / Porcelain Insulators, surge Arrester and Protection Device, vacuum circuit breakers, auto reclosers, switchgear, power tools, power accessories, OPGW/ADSS, distribution transformers, etc. And be able to provide one-stop service for new and old customers, including product development, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sales service.

Insulators play an extremely important role in supporting transmission lines, isolating transmission lines from other conductive objects, and maintaining the safe operation of power systems. The excellent performance of insulators is related to the safe and stable operation of power systems. The composite insulators are more and more widely used in electric power due to their advantages of small size, light weight, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, high mechanical strength, excellent pollution performance, fast production and stable performance in the system. 

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber Polymer insulators are more resistant to aging, flame retardant, hydrophobicity, tracking and electrical corrosion resistance, stain resistance, moisture resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance and tear strength. It has outstanding advantages and its application is more extensive.

Disc insulators and pin insulators in porcelain insulators are mainly used for high and low voltage transmission lines, and suspension insulators are used for high voltage transmission lines. Ceramic insulators are a special insulation control that can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, ceramic insulators were mostly used for utility poles, and gradually developed into a high-voltage wire connection tower with a lot of disc-shaped insulators hanging at one end. It is to increase the creepage distance. It is usually made of ceramics, which is called ceramic insulators. Ceramic insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, namely supporting wires and preventing current from returning to the ground. These two roles must be guaranteed. Ceramic insulators should not be damaged due to various electromechanical stresses caused by changes in environmental and electrical load conditions. Otherwise, the ceramic insulator will not play a significant role, and it will damage the service and operating life of the entire line.

"JECSANY" Insulators have stable quality and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and other global markets. OEM customization can also be made according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

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