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"JECSANY" is a professional China various medium and high voltage product provider which supplies , Fuse links, Line Protection Device, auto reclosers, switchgear, Surge arrester, Dropout fuse, polymer/porcelain insulators, power tools, power accessories, OPGW/ADSS optical cable, distribution transformers, etc. And be able to provide one-stop service for new and old customers, including product development, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sales service.

JEC Type K and Type T fuse links are made in complete accordance with standards ANSI/NEMA. Other links meet all the standards except those covering time-current characteristics. Time-current characteristics for links other than K and T links are not covered in the ANSI standards.

The fast characteristics of Type K fuse links were established by ANSI/NEMA to provide fuse links that would meet existing coordination schemes. JEC Type fuse links are designed to carry 150% of their rated current without damage to the fuse link itself or the cutout in which it is installed. This capacity is for special loading situations, such as short time overloads and cold load pick-up.

The twin pigtail fuse link is convenient to work with and easier to install in the cutout than conventional single pigtail fuse links. The pigtails attach under the clamp with one on each side of the attachment stud.

The high-voltage fuse adopts a new type of melt or silver-copper alloy, the "K" type fuse melting rate is 6-8, and the "T" type melting rate is 10-13.

A comparison of the time-current curves of the JEC SloFast fuse link with those of conventional fuse links and the safe-loading time current characteristics for distribution transformers illustrates the application potential of the SloFast fuse links.
The rather unusual current rating assigned to SloFast fuse links is an aid in their application since the current rating assigned is identical to the continuous current rating of the transformers which they were specifically designed to protect.

"JECSANY" Fuse links have stable quality and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and other global markets. OEM customization can also be made according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.
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