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"JECSANY" is a professional China various medium and high voltage product provider which supplies Surge Arresters, auto reclosers, switchgear, dropout fuses, polymer/porcelain insulators, power tools, power accessories, OPGW/ADSS optical cable, distribution transformers, etc. And be able to provide one-stop service for new and old customers, including product development, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and after-sales service.

A surge arrester is an electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards and to limit the freewheeling time and often the freewheeling amplitude. It is another important device that is often used in communication cables to prevent lightning damage. Lightning arresters are sometimes also called overvoltage protectors, overvoltage limiters.

Gapless metal oxide Surge arresters are used to protect the insulation of AC power transmission and transformation equipment from lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage damage. It is suitable for overvoltage protection of transformers, transmission lines, distribution panels, switch cabinets, power metering boxes, vacuum switches, parallel compensation capacitors, rotating electrical machines and semiconductor devices.

The gapless metal oxide surge arrester has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, good response characteristics, no freewheeling, large current capacity, low residual voltage, strong ability to suppress overvoltage, pollution resistance, anti-aging, not subject to altitude constraints, Simple structure, no gap, tight seal, long life and so on.

The arrester is in a high resistance state under normal system operating voltage, and only microampere current flows. It exhibits low resistance under the action of overvoltage and high current, thus limiting the residual voltage across the arrester.
There are many kinds of arresters, including metal oxide arresters, line-type metal oxide arresters, gapless line-type metal oxide arresters, fully insulated composite jacket metal oxide arresters, and detachable arresters.

The main types of arresters are tubular arresters, valve arresters and zinc oxide arresters. The main working principle of each type of arrester is different, but their work is essentially the same, all to protect communication cables and communication equipment from damage.

"JECSANY" Surge Arresters have stable quality and have third-party IEC test reports, and the products are exported to North America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and other global markets. OEM customization can also be made according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.
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