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What are the characteristics of post insulators?



1. The post insulator meets or exceeds the relevant national and international standards.
The post insulators meet the requirements of GB8287.1 "Technical Conditions for High-Voltage Post Porcelain Insulators" and GB12744, "Pollution-resistant Outdoor Rod Post Porcelain Insulators", and also comply with the international standard IEC168 "System users with a nominal voltage higher than 1000V" The test of outdoor porcelain or glass post insulators and IEC publication 815 "Guidelines for the Selection of Insulators under Contaminated Conditions".

2. The post insulator has high mechanical strength, low dispersion, and safe and reliable operation.

3. The post insulator has good low-temperature mechanical properties.
In order to test the low-temperature mechanical properties of the product, the freezing test of the ZSW1-110/4 type insulator was carried out in the low-temperature laboratory to simulate the change of outdoor winter temperature. After several temperature cycles, the test crystals were subjected to bending failure test at low temperature. The test results prove that the bending failure strength of the insulator under the condition of -40 has no obvious change compared with room temperature.

4. Excellent stain resistance.
The pollution resistance of post insulators mainly depends on the structure of the product and the shape of the umbrella skirt.

5. High level of earthquake resistance.
The insulators with rated voltage of 252KV and 550KV have been tested for seismic performance with an intensity of 9, the result is that the sample is intact.

6. Low radio interference.
The post insulator with a rated voltage of 550KV, at 1.1 times the high operating phase voltage, produces radio interference not greater than 500μV, and there is no visible corona on a clear day and night, and the visible corona voltage is as high as 450KV.