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In addition to the functions of the circuit breaker itself, the permanent magnet circuit breaker mainly introduces the concept of "permanent magnet", which broadens the scope of use of the circuit breaker. The permanent magnet mechanism is widely used in the driving of vacuum circuit breakers due to its simple structure, reliable operation and durability. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional mechanisms, gives full play to the advantages of vacuum circuit breakers, and lays the foundation for the development of a new generation of maintenance-free circuit breakers. It has become a hotspot for power system selection, with good economic benefits and market prospects. This article will take you in-depth understanding of the concept and technical characteristics of permanent magnet mechanism circuit breakers.

Permanent magnet mechanism--operating mechanism of circuit breaker

The circuit breaker must be powered with a power source, that is, an operating mechanism. The operating mechanism can be understood as a component in the circuit breaker. We usually say that the vacuum circuit breaker generally uses a spring operating mechanism, and this circuit breaker operation is pulled by a spring. In recent years, there has been an operating mechanism that uses the magnetic force of a magnet to operate a circuit breaker, referred to as a permanent magnet mechanism. Permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker refers to this. The operating mechanism of the circuit breaker is a permanent magnet mechanism, not a spring mechanism.

The permanent magnet mechanism is connected to the main shaft transmission arm through a moving iron core to directly drive the switch contact. The mechanical structure is simple and the wear is small, which makes the circuit breaker basically maintenance-free during its service life. In addition to the normal electric opening, the circuit breaker is also equipped with undervoltage opening and emergency manual opening devices, which makes the circuit breaker more reliable.

Working principle of permanent magnet circuit breaker

The permanent magnet circuit breaker adopts a bi-stable built-in undervoltage release permanent magnet mechanism, and is integrated with a mechanical manual release to make it manual and reliable. The combination of permanent magnet mechanism opening and spring opening makes the distribution of opening speed more ideal. Compared with the spring operating mechanism circuit breaker, the movable parts are greatly reduced, which greatly improves its reliability and mechanical life. It is an ideal substitute for the spring operating mechanism type circuit breaker.

Technical characteristics of the permanent magnet mechanism circuit breaker

1. It is equipped with a unique technology of permanent magnet operating mechanism, which has low operating energy and no hidden danger of demagnetization.

2. Simple mechanical transmission makes the maintenance-free mechanism possible.

3. It has advanced control technology, up to 100,000 times of mechanical life, no need to replace the vacuum interrupter, especially suitable for frequent operation.

4. It is suitable for various operating voltages, and the system does not need special production; the DC screen does not need to provide large current.

5. it is equipped with a lightweight manual trip device, small operation power, energy saving.

6. The anti-interference ability of electronic components is very strong.

7. It has accurate opening and closing time.

8. It has many years of operating experience, and the operation is frequent and good.

The emergence of a new generation of permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breakers will provide a new choice for customers. Because not only the quality and performance requirements of equipment are getting higher and higher, at the same time, more and more attention is paid to investment and available benefits.

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