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Circuit breaker is an important defense line of circuit protection. All electrical appliances depend on circuit breaker, which makes it very important. But sometimes it's ignored. When the circuit breaker breaks down, we should know its warning signal in time, so as to avoid disaster in advance.

So what warning signals need to be noticed in advance? Let's explain it in detail.

1. The Electric Board Has the Smell of Burning
One way to determine if a circuit breaker needs to be replaced is to sniff around to see if you can smell the burning smell from the panel. If so, it means that the wires and insulation have overheated. The main power supply of the house should be cut off immediately, and then a professional electrician should be called for emergency inspection.

2. Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker
If the circuit breaker starts to trip every time the appliance is turned on, it may be an obsolete circuit breaker. Every time you turn on an electrical appliance, you have to worry about whether the circuit breaker will trip. Call the electrician and let him judge whether the circuit breaker is good or not and whether it needs to be repaired.

3. Aging
Another warning signal for a circuit breaker failure is whether it is too old. Generally, circuit breakers should be able to be used for decades. But if you seldom check your circuit breaker or haven't checked it for a while, such as ten years, it is likely to fail without knowing. You can call a professional electrician to check the board.

4. Unable to Keep Reset
After a few months of resetting your circuit breaker, it will not remain on at any time. It may not seem to be going on, which means the circuit breaker is out of order. So ask an electrician to check the whole circuit in order to diagnose whether there is any damaged circuit.
5. Physical Damage
If you see scorch marks around the circuit breaker, socket or other electrical appliances, it means that the wires have melted and failed. It is likely that your circuit breaker also needs to be repaired immediately. Otherwise, it is easy to cause fire and serious consequences. Please call the electrician immediately and unplug all the fixtures on the circuit breaker at the same time.

There are also some warning signals, such as when the light keeps flickering up and down, electrical performance is poor (For example, the dryer may be closed in the middle of the cycle), basic lighting and electrical damage (For example, the bulb keeps burning out or the microwave oven can hardly work), which may also indicate that the circuit breaker has problems.

It doesn't take much time and money to replace the failed circuit breaker. But good electrical maintenance will bring people a lot of benefits, such as safe environment, convenient life, electrical life extension and so on. So when there is a warning signal of problems, people should deal with it immediately.