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How to repair the isolating switch



The isolating switch is a kind of electrical appliance that is widely used in high-voltage switchgear. It is used in a large amount and requires high reliability. It has a great impact on the design, establishment and safe operation of substations and power plants.


The contact pressure between the contacts can be achieved by adjusting the clamping spring, and the degree of clamping can be checked with a feeler gauge.


When the isolating switch is in the off position, if the angle or distance between the contacts does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted through the pull rod insulator.


Generally, vaseline can be applied between the contacts to reduce frictional resistance, prolong the service life, and prevent the contacts from oxidizing.


The connection point of the isolating switch connection plate is overheated and discolored, indicating poor contact and high contact resistance. During maintenance, the connection point should be opened, the contact surface should be filed flat and polished with sandpaper (but the zinc plated on the switch connection plate should not be removed), and then Tighten the screws and use spring washers to prevent loosening. There is a side strike phenomenon in the moving contact, you can rotate the screw that fixes the contact, or slightly move the position of the supporting insulator to eliminate the side strike; when the three phases are not in sync, you can adjust the screws at both ends of the pull rod insulator to change its effective length to overcome.