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How to deal with circuit breaker failure



1. Under what circumstances should you immediately apply for a power outage?

(1) When the main body is seriously overheated and the contacts become discolored or red due to overheating, you should immediately apply for a power outage.

(2) When there is discharge sound in the casing or inside or smoke comes out of the arc extinguishing chamber of the oil-less switch, you should also apply for a power outage immediately.

(3) When oil is sprayed, displaced or the casing pillar insulator breaks after the oil switch interrupts the fault, a power outage must be applied immediately.

(4) When there is abnormal noise or serious air leakage, pressure drop, rubber pad blowing out or the sound of vacuum damage inside the vacuum switch, you should apply for a power outage immediately.

(5) When there is serious air leakage in the SF6 switch air chamber and the pressure lock signal is sent, you must also apply for a power outage immediately.

(6) When the pressure of the hydraulic mechanism reaches zero, there is no oil level in the oil gauge pipe of the oil switch, the locking signal of the spring mechanism cannot be reset, and the air pressure of the pneumatic mechanism is lower than the locking value, you should immediately apply for a power outage.

2. Treatment of circuit breaker fire

When the circuit breaker catches fire

(1) Immediately open the power supply on each side of the circuit breaker and electrically isolate the burning circuit breaker.

(2) Use dry powder or CO2 fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire

(3) When fighting a fire in a high-pressure room, remember to open the ventilation device and all doors to exhaust smoke.

3. How to deal with vacuum switch failure

(1) When separation or summing is refused, the control circuit should be checked, the switch position should be changed remotely, and the energy storage status and indication position should be checked.

(2) If the energy storage motor cannot be stored due to damage, energy should be stored manually.

(3) If the remote operation fails, it can be manually operated locally.