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Introduction to transformer oil



1. Composition of transformer oil

Transformer oil is mineral oil, which is a mixture of many hydrocarbon molecules of different molecular weights. It is a hydrocarbon compound mainly composed of alkanes, cycloalkanes and a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons.

2. Function and number of transformer oil

Transformer oil is used as insulating oil for oil-immersed transformers. Transformer oil not only has an insulating effect, but also has a heat dissipation effect.

Transformer oil is divided into No. 25 oil and No. 45 oil according to its freezing point. The freezing point of No. 25 oil is minus 25°C; the freezing point of No. 45 oil is minus 45°C.

No. 25 transformer oil is a paraffin-based oil, and No. 45 transformer oil is a naphthenic-based oil. In the past, No. 45 transformer oil had to be purchased from abroad, but now it can also be produced at the Karamay Refinery in Xinjiang, China.

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