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Double Tail K (T) Type Fuse Links
  • Double Tail K (T) Type Fuse LinksDouble Tail K (T) Type Fuse Links

Double Tail K (T) Type Fuse Links

Double Tail K (T) Type Fuse Links comprises "K" "T" 2ypes, i.e. Fast melting type, Slow melting type. The rated voltage ranges are from 11 to 38kv, the rated current ranges are from 1A to 200A. The fuse link is with double tail. Inside with high strength strain wire which can withstand tensile strength from fuse cutout flipper and outside pulling strength. Jec Type fuse links are designed to carry 150% of their rated current without damage to the fuse link itself or the cutout in which it is installed. This capacity is for special loading situations, such as short time overloads and cold load pick-up.


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Product Description

Double Tail K (T) Type Fuse Links

K(T) Type double tail Fuse Elements are used for 11-38KV drop out fuse. The Fuse Element adopts the accurately tested material, high purity silver, or silver-copper eutectic or nickle-chrome eutectic, based on different rated current. The fuse element wire is extruded by mold of high accuracy. The cross section is inspected by laser micrometer to ensure the accuracy, while careful assembly guarantees no crack, shrinkage or twist which affects the time-current accuracy.

Size of Fuse Elements:

Rated current (A) Dimensions (mm)
1-20 19.0±0.3 12/27KV: 530-600   33/38KV: 787 1.25-1.9 7.6
25-40 19.0±0.3 2.2-2.55 7.6
50-80 19.0±0.3 2.85-4.0 10.0
100~200 19.0±0.3 4.5-5.2 11.8

Technical Parameters:

Melting Speed Ratio  T type: 10~13 ;  K type: 6~8
Rated Current  1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30,40, 50, 60, 65, 75, 80, 100, 120, 140,  200A
Standard  IEC 60282-2
Environmental Conditions  Ambient Temperature: -30℃ - +40℃   Altitude: 3000m  Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz  Maximum Wind Speed: 35m/s

JEC Type K, T, H fuse links are made in complete accordance with standards ANSI/NEMA.
Precision — The standard of JEC fuse links
JEC K(T) Type Double tail Fuse Link Elements assure system protection because they are precision manufactured. The fusible materials used in JEC Fuse Links are under continual control during manufacture. Pre-tested to guarantee their electrical values, these materials are held to precise tolerances. At critical points during the manufacturing process, rigid inspections are made.

Structure of Fuse Elements

A. Solid head
B. Fuse element: eutectic alloy which can be melted of low temperature to avoid the burning of arc-extinguishing tube
C. High strength strain wire, which can withstand the tensile strength from fuse cutout flipper and outside pulling strength.
D. Swaged connected end, guarantees the reliable connection of elements and are note easily damaged.
E. Swaged cable section prevents splaying of strands of cable, to ensure the cable’s smooth withdrawal from tube during the melting fuse link.
F. Tinned copper stranded cable, resists corrosion, its cable diameter can resist corona.
G. Auxiliary arc-extinguishing tube, improves the capability of interrupting low fault current, and has the special ability to interrupt full range fault.

JEC fuse links come in protective plastic bags with perforations to facilitate quick, easy opening even when lineman’s gloves are worn. Each bag remains completely sealed for all-weather protection and keeps the links protected in the line truck’s bins. Type and amperage is printed on each bag, for easy identification.

Materials used

The fusible section of the 1 through 3 ampere Type K(T) fuse links consist of a stainless-steel fuse strain wire; the 6 through 10 ampere, stainless-steel strain wire and a copper-alloy fuse wire; 12 through 100amperes, a stainless steel strain wire and a silver-copper fuse wire; 140 and 200 ampere, a silver -copper fuse wire large enough to serve as both strain and fuse wire.

Button head and length

Conforming to all applicable ANSI/NEMA specifications, JEC Type K (T) Fuse links are available with a solid button head.

Twin Pigtail Type K fuse links

The twin pigtail fuse link is convenient to work with and easier to install in the cutout than conventional single pigtail fuse links. The pigtails attach under the clamp with one on each side of the attachment stud.


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