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SRM6-12 Full Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit(RMU)
  • SRM6-12 Full Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit(RMU)SRM6-12 Full Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit(RMU)

SRM6-12 Full Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit(RMU)

SRM-12 Full Gas insulated RMU is indoor cabinet type AC metal sealed switching device, with Ac 10kV and 50/60Hz.t issuitable for distribution systems,ring power supply and biradial power supply system in factories, workplaces, residential high-risebuildings, it possesses functions of receiving, distribulion and proteclion. it can also used in the prefabricated substation.


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Product Description

Product Summary

SRM6-12 Series Gas-insulated Ring Main Unit Switchgear are widely used in 10KV/20KV power distribution systems. SRM6-12 series adopts modular unit mode. Its units are divided into fixed units (non-expandable) and expandable units. These units can be assembled and combined according to different needs. By choosing an expandable bus, SRM6-12 series can be combined at will to achieve full modularity. Due to its fully modular and semi-modular features, SRM6-12 series is extremely flexible and expandable, which can meet the needs of compact switch cabinets in various substations. SRM6-12 series is a completely sealed system, all live components and circuit breaker switches are enclosed in a stainless steel body, so that the entire switchgear is not affected by external environmental conditions, thereby ensuring operational reliability and personal safety, and achieving long service life (in the rated environment, its design life exceeds 30 years) and maintenance-free.

Environmental Conditions

1.Ambient Temperature: No more than +40'℃, No less than -40'℃.Average temperature no more than +35'℃ within 24 hours.
2.Altitude: No more than 2000m.
3.Relative Humidity: the average daily value is no more than 95%, the average monthly value is no more than 90%.
4.Earthquake Intensity: No more than 8 deqrees.
5.Vapor Pressure: the average dally value is no more than 2.2kPa,and the average monthly value is no more than 1.8kPa6.Iinstallation locations without fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Product Features

1.Fuly sealed design,all 10kV switches and busbar electrified bodies are sealed in the gas box welded by 3mm stainless steel plateand the silicon rubber cable plug is applied to achieve the fullinsulaion seal of the cable head, so that it is not affected by externalenvironment such as dust, humidity and small animals.
2.The switching device has a perfect "five-preventions', with simple and clear operation procedures.
3.Modular design. Each unit module can be combined and extended arbitrarily, which is easy to schemes combination, with a wideapplicable range.
4.Big capacity for feeder line, small occupation, suitable for a variety of needs, wide range of applications.
5.Equipment maintenance-free, highly reliable performance.

Technical Data

Content Unit C Module F Module V Module CB Module
Load Switch Load Switch with Fuse Vacuum Switch Disconnector/Earthing Switch Vacuum Switch Disconnector/Earthing Switch
Rated Voltage kV 12
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Power Frequency Withstand voltage in 1 min kV 42/48
Lightning impulse Withstand voltage (Peak) kV 75/85
Rated Current A 1250/630 Note1 1250/630 1250/630
Rated Closed Loop Breaking Current A 630
Rated Cable Charging Breaking Current A 10
Rated Short Circuit Making Current A 50 80 50 50 63 63
Rated Peak Withstand Current kA 50 50 63
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current kA/3S 20 20 25
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current kA 31.5 20 25
Rated Transfer Current A 1700
Max. Rated current of fuse A 125
Loop Resistance μΩ ≤300 ≤600

Mechanical Life times 5000 3000 5000 2000 5000 5000

Typical Scheme Diagram

Typical Scheme Diagram

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