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Development Direction of Vacuum Circuit Breaker



There are 3 Development direction of vacuum circuit breaker for your reference:

1. Develop low overvoltage products. The biggest shortcoming of vacuum circuit breaker is that it is easy to cut current and generate overvoltage when breaking small current. In the past, the commonly used method to suppress overvoltage was to install overvoltage absorption devices (such as RC circuits, ZnO arresters), which complicated the vacuum circuit breaker and increased the cost and hidden troubles. The higher the voltage, the more difficult it is to suppress overvoltage. Due to frequent insulation accidents caused by overvoltage of 40.5KV vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers are used in 35KV systems. In recent years, the use of low overvoltage contact materials to solve the technology of vacuum circuit breaker overvoltage. Practice has proved that the method of using low overvoltage contact materials to suppress overvoltage is very effective and can reduce the overvoltage to 1/10 to meet the needs of use.
2. Towards large capacity, miniaturization, high reliability, maintenance-free and intelligent.

3. Vacuum circuit breakers are environmentally friendly products and should be developed to high voltage levels as soon as possible.