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ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a control and protection device in rated three-phase high-voltage distribution network of 24KV, 50HZ AC.

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole circuit breaker

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage vacuum pole circuit breaker is a control protection device in rated three-phase high-voltage distribution network with a rated voltage of 24KV and 50HZ. It is mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in power lines. It is suitable for protection and control in substations and industrial and mining enterprise power distribution systems. The circuit breaker adopts a pillar type and dry structure, which has reliable insulation, long electrical life and maintenance-free, and is especially suitable for the requirements of frequent operating places. It is more suitable for installation and use in rural power grids with poor maintenance and maintenance capabilities. It can also be used as a section switch of the power grid. After installing a controller, it can realize distribution network automation.

Recently, with the continuous expansion of urban power grids and the rapid growth of power loads, and at the same time, in view of the long power supply lines and large line losses in rural power grids, the original 10kV voltage level power distribution has been difficult to meet the power supply requirements. Therefore, it gradually exposes its weak points such as excessive power supply distance, high line loss rate, and difficult voltage quality. The use of 20kV voltage level power supply has a series of advantages such as increasing power supply capacity, ensuring voltage quality, reducing power loss in the power grid, and saving construction costs of the power grid. Therefore, the use of 20kV voltage distribution level power supply is an inevitable trend of development, it is imperative.

ZW32-24 outdoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for opening and closing various loads of different nature and frequent operating occasions. It is suitable for the construction and transformation of power equipment such as city grids, rural grids, mines and railways. This product is based on the absorption of advanced foreign technology and based on domestic raw materials and processes. It is the earliest successfully developed 24kV outdoor high-voltage switchgear suitable for China's national conditions. The lack of outdoor switchgear has the characteristics of miniaturization, maintenance-free, and intelligence compared with similar international products. At the same time, the product has no pollution to the surrounding environment and is a green product.

Features of ZW32-24 vacuum circuit breaker

1. The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel material or ordinary steel plate after Dacromet anti-rust treatment process and then sprayed with UV-resistant varnish. The product has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-salt spray properties.

2. The insulation part is made of epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation material, which has high insulation grade, strong anti-pollution ability, and has ozone resistance, UV resistance, hydrophobicity and high and low temperature resistance. There is no transformer oil or sulfur hexafluoride gas in the cabinet, which meets the requirements of oil-free transformation and environmental protection.

3. The operating mechanism is a spring operating mechanism, which has two types: manual and electric. When needed, it can be equipped with remote control operation device and avoid closing surge current device. The required external power supply power is not more than 70W, which is easy to be equipped with a backup power supply. It has the following advantages: the unique design of the buffer device, excellent performance, small rebound, low noise.

4. Arc extinguishing chamber adopts special stainless steel brazing technology, no plating is required, high welding quality, stable and reliable, and low air leakage rate. Special ceramic metallization formula and advanced ceramic metallization process are used in the production process to ensure the gas tightness. Tensile strength is greater than 130Mpa, completely sealed.

5. The current transformer is made of high-quality magnetically conductive material and epoxy resin and silicon rubber composite insulation, which has the advantages of large capacity, high dynamic thermal stability multiples, high accuracy levels, maintenance-free and high reliability.

6. According to the user's needs, it can cooperate with the corresponding controller to form an automatic recloser and segmenter, which is an ideal device to realize distribution network automation.